The Fog Looming Over the World

There’s a fog covering the planet, something that threatens everything: global warming, also known as climate change.


Fog covering the Dayboro Valley. Photographer: Cassidy Macmillan


What is Global Warming and Climate Change?

Essentially, climate change is the heating up or cooling down of the Earth. An example of this is the Ice Age, or on the opposite scale, the Paleocene- Eocene Thermal Maximum (PETM).

However, the Earth is heating up faster in a shorter period of time then ever before and this is due to human-induced global warming.

Why is this Happening?

Because of the burning of fossil fuels (coal, oil and gas), deforestation, pollution and industrialisation by humans.

Greenhouse gases, carbon monoxide and methane, cause a thicker o-zone layer around the Earth. The thick layer traps the sun’s rays in the atmosphere which heats the Earth.

Polar bear on ice
Polar bear on melting ice. Flickr: therapysessions

Evidence of this Reality

  • 2015 was the hottest year recorded.
  • The 2015 California drought (the state’s worst water shortage in 1, 200 years) was intensified by global warming.
  • Hurricanes in the North Atlantic have become more frequent and dangerous (Hurricane Katrina and Sandy).
  • The sea level is increasing 3.5 millimetres per year.
  • The 20 warmest years
  • ever have happened after 1981 – 10 of those have been in the last 12 years.
  • The ice sheets in the Antarctic and Arctic are melting, and glaciers are shrinking.

Who or What Does it Affect?

Everyone and everything everywhere. Global warming effects the world; the climate, the oceans, the land, the animals, and us.

Our cities will shrink, diseases will become common, people and animals will die, and there will be less fresh water.

NYC underwater
New York City in an underwater reality. Flickr: Andrea Della Adriano


Awareness via Social Media

Thanks to social media, the world can now see the effects of global warming.

It doesn’t take long for things to go global, and it doesn’t take long to build lobbyists and for them to act.

Celebrity Lobbyists

Many celebrities are involved in creating awareness and support to slow down climate change. Some of these names include:

  • Al Gore
  • Emma Watson
  • Brad Pitt
  • Leonardo DiCaprio
  • Cameron Diaz
  • Stella McCartney
  • Rachel McAdams
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger
  • Mark Ruffalo
  • And more
Screenshot of a post on Facebook by Leonardo DiCaprio. Source credit: Cassidy Macmillan

Highlight Celebrity: Leonardo DiCaprio

Leo is one of the major players in trying to change global warming.

He’s active on social media, incorporates climate change messages into his acceptance speeches, and founded the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation.


Humour is a big part of why people share or tag their friends in on social media websites, which is why memes are so effective.

Many memes feature Leo DiCaprio because of the link between some of his films (namely the Titanic) and his dedication to slowing the melting of the icebergs.

2016 Rio Olympics

In the Opening Ceremony of the 2016 Rio Olympics climate change was put literally on stage. The ceremony aired worldwide with millions tuning in.

All those people now know something about the mammoth issue the Earth faces thanks to the innovation and creativity from the choreographers’ of the Rio Opening Ceremony.


Part of the climate change choreography featured in the 2016 Rio Olympics Opening Ceremony. Flickr: U.S Army



The world’s reality is grim and there is no doubt some things need to change to help the environment.

But do you think that people are actually aware of global warming?

Are celebrities actually helping to raise awareness of this issue?

Feel free to let me know below.




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