Captured images…

Baristas of My Place.jpg

Coffee from the baristas of My Place

Barista’s Kesia Wade and Adriana Vella happily take orders and make coffees at Mooloolaba’s Your Place restaurant. When asked about the tourism in the area they both agreed that good weather and the hotter months bring in the people. Christmas time and school holidays are usually the busiest, however big events on the Coast, such as the Ironman, bring tourists to the cozy industrial abode as well.

Both subjects are positioned in the middle of the shot, looking up with smiles, and this is done to convey the friendly atmosphere within the restaurant. Adriana is holding a coffee which was done to show a bit of background about the two subjects and give some hint as to what type of shop it is. The photo was taken in the early part of the day when the light coming through the window was softer. By taking the photo from eye level this is how a customer would see them when they go up to the coffee counter to order. In the background coffee syrups, cups and glasses can be seen, and on the left side of the photo is part of a coffee machine which helps to frame the two girls in the centre of the photo. Being not far from the Mooloolaba Esplanade My Place would experience many tourist seasons which makes them a prime subject for the brief.


Kath at the farm.jpg

A 50-acre farm is a lot for anyone to look after but Kath Hanna loves doing it.

Cows, horses and sheep are only some of the animals Kath Hanna has on her 50 acre farm on the outskirts of the Sunshine Coast hinterland. Although it can be a long trudge through paddocks to feed her animals, Kath says that even with the increased hours of sun that daylight savings brings, there is still always stuff to be done.

Although the technique of using light was intended for this photo, on the days where Kath was available it was overcast and slightly rainy. Consequently, animals and farm objects became important to be included in the photo to show that this piece involves an issue relevant to a farmer. Within the shot is Kath, the farmer, and one of her dogs. They both are positioned in the photo to be on the vertical lines in the Rule of Thirds. By not cropping further and keeping in the background it gives depth to the photo by showing more land behind. The shot is taken looking down at the subjects who are walking up a hill. Living on such a big area with many animals to look after, Kath Hanna is a good subject for asking about daylight saving.



An aviation veteran still adding history to the Sunshine Coast.

With nearly 40 years of experience in aviation, Cliff Robinson is the former Vice President of the Sunshine Coast section of the Australian Air Museum. Cliff has always been involved with airplanes, once being a pilot himself, and spent 35 years organising the Mission Aviation Fellowship which provides transport services for remote places such as outback Australia, New Guinea and Timor. Now, however, Cliff spends one of his days per week at the Sunshine Coast Air Museum rebuilding and maintaining the historical airplanes showcased.

This image was captured as Cliff was explaining about the plane. In this shot you can see most of Cliff’s face, as well as the huge airplane behind which frames the picture. From this angle the word “Airlines” can be seen painted on the side of the airplane body. Below the airplane is a type of propeller and a board with pictures which shows that this is a Museum or a historical place. Although they it is not labelled as a club, the men and women, including Cliff, who work at the Air Museum are mostly retirees who do this not only to put more historical knowledge into the Sunshine Coast, but also as a hobby one day every week. Cliff travelled to the Coast once a week to help rebuild old airplanes for display, and is a very knowledgeable man as he knew all about each airplane and the background information on each one.



Miss Noosa Showgirl representing her town proudly at the Noosa Show.

Part-time Criminology student and part-time showgirl, Chloe Baré, showcased the reason why she won the Miss Noosa crown at the Noosa Country Show on September 9 and 10. Chloe spent the day selling raffle, meeting many people, being a part of the parade and drawing the raffle. She said that it was “all a part of being a showgirl, I guess,” but that she also loved dressing up and seeing the community come together for the show.

The photo sees the subject being positioned higher than those in the arena behind her, done by getting her to stand on the raised half of the showgrounds. She is also positioned on the Rule of Thirds to the left side more, with Mt Cooroora behind her. The photo was taken at exactly that moment to capture the horse in the background going by that was close to the rails. The Noosa Country Show fits the brief due to it being a newsworthy event for the Sunshine Coast people, partially those in Noosa and Pomona.



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